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Dr. Neeraj Raj
Founder & M.D. MEdRC Edu Tech

Susan Mc Allister
M.D. -Design & Arts College, Newzealand

Professor Mohsen A. Rashwan

E-Learning Strategist

Dr. Balasubramanyam
Professor & HOD (Anatomy) St. Johns Medical College

Dr. Bhulakshmi Vella
Learning Strategist, AdaYana

Dr. Rajiv Tandon
CEO, President and chairman, AdaYana

Dr. Vinod Joshi
Director, Knoah Solutions

Employment Program  

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SmarTeach Academy not only imparts marketing and technical skills to its students but also provides placement support and assistance through its placement cell vide its partnering agencies.

  • TMI
  • C & K
  • Arraynz
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The process of creating 3D Animation can be sequentially divided into three basic phases:

  • 3D modeling which describes the process of forming the shape of an object.
  • Layout and animation which describes the motion and placement of objects within a scene.
  • 3D rendering which produces an image of an object.

Who will join the course

  • Instructional Designers
  • Aspirant Animation Film Directors
  • Project managers/Project Leads in the e-Learning Industry
  • Story board Writers / Script Writers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Prospective Animation Teaching professionals
  • Individuals who enjoy & hobby 3D Animation and 3D Films

Course Objectives

  • To fulfill the need of trained man power in the animation industry.
  • To groom professionals in Animation Story Boarding.
  • To foster tie-ups, Associations, Collaborations among the animation industry brethren.
  • To bring in foreign exchange into India.
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Digital Video Production  

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The focus of this course is media literacy and Video Production using stills, video, and audio. The course will offer/suggest creative strategies for producing media in class rooms with abundant resources and state of art equipment. The class discusses and views examples of how visual images and sound are used to convey messages and persuade viewers in advertising and in the news. Media Literacy classroom applications and techniques are addressed. Legal and ethical issues are examined as well as the role of visual media within the word-centered tradition of present curricula.

Who will Join this Course?

  • Instructional Designers and Content Writers
  • Aspirant Cameramen
  • Project Managers/Project Leaders in the E-Learning Industry
  • Copy-writers/Copy Editors/Journalists
  • BPO Executives / Script Writers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Teaching professionals
  • Individuals who enjoy & hobby Cinema and television

Course Objectives

  • Ability to integrate technology and multicultural education in the classroom.
  • Use technology as a catalyst for educational reform.
  • Reflection on classroom practice so as to use technology effectively and with vision.
  • Work with the cutting edge technology which have educational implications.
  • Promote the educational philosophy of hands-on, student centered learning in a fully integrated environment.

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Instructional design is about imparting learning effectively, and includes

  • The ways of determining the level of learning desired.

  • Methods of making learning interesting.

  • Selection the appropriate medium for imparting learning.

  • Methods of ensuring the development of the required skill.

  • The theories and models that enable us to ensure that the content is designed for effective learning.

Who will Join this Course?
  • Instructional Designers and Content Writers who wish to learn systematic and effective instructional design.

  • New Trainers who wish to formally learn Instructional Design to make their trainings more effective and systematic.

  • Project Managers/Project Leaders in the E-Learning industry who wish to connect with their clients and development teams more effectively.

  • Copy-writers/Copy Editors/Journalists who wish to learn instructional design for exploring the E-Learning industry.

  • BPO Executives and Technical Writers who would like to shift to a more rewarding and satisfying career.

  • Graphic Designers with good visualization skills who wish to expand their creative horizons.

  • Teaching professionals who would like to explore a more remunerative career option that will take their ideas to a much broader audience.

  • Individuals who enjoy writing & wish to influence the way learning is imparted.

Course Objectives

Upon completing this course the learner will be:
  • Capable of designing and developing a complete, instructionally sound course for any audience.
  • Confident and comfortable in attending interviews (especially who are new to Instructional Design,) client calls, peer discussions, and cross-functional debates.

  • A prime resource in Instructional Design for the E-Learning / training industry.

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Graphic Design  

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Graphic design is a creative process that combines art and technology to communicate ideas. The designer works with a variety of communication tools in order to convey a message from a client to a particular audience. The main tools are image and typography.

Graphic designers work with drawn, painted, photographed, or computer-generated images (pictures), but they also design the letter forms that make up various typefaces found in movie credits and TV ads; in books, magazines, and menus; and even on computer screens. Designers create, choose, and organize these elements-typography, images, and the so-called "white space" around them-to communicate a message. Graphic design is a part of your daily life. From humble things like gum wrappers to huge things like billboards to the T-shirt you're wearing, graphic design informs, persuades, organizes, stimulates, locates, identifies, attracts attention and provides pleasure.

Who will join the course?

  • Creative Individuals
  • B.F.A (Bachelor of Fine arts) ; M.F.A (Master of Fine Arts)
  • Art Directors
  • Advertising Professionals
  • Educated Home-makers seeking additional sources of income
  • Qualified Graduates seeking new career avenues and income

Course Objectives

  • The course enables the learners to Understand, Analyze, Design and Develop a complete Graphic/Visual presentation of client needs.
  • Enabling the course learners to conduct their self one man shows, in their graphic designs, thus becoming self entrepreneurs and revenue generators.
  • The learners become prime resource in Print media, New media,and Television media.

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Loan Enablement  

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After the successful completion of two years SmarTeach courses have been recognized and endorsed by HDFC Bank for Student loans*

* Conditions Apply
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